Duckworth and other welded boats

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Jersey Joe
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Duckworth and other welded boats

Post by Jersey Joe » 26 Aug 2016, 10:04

Hello...I live in NJ and was looking for a new aluminum boat for fishing and family stuff. I was looking at the usual suspects like Starcraft and Lund. I then came across a "breed" of boats I've never seen before. They are Duckworth, Hewescraft, Thunder Jet, etc. They look EXTREMELY well built and reasonably priced, but not a single one is available on the east coast. In fact, 90% are on the west coast and north west. I get it that they are mostly jet boats for running rivers, but they can be had with stern drive and outboard also. My question is why are they not more popular? Am I missing something? I'd love a welded hull with a heated pilot house for fall and winter!

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Re: Duckworth and other welded boats

Post by EZ707 » 26 Aug 2016, 10:31

Those boats are built like tanks from what i can tell. Im over here in the San Francisco bay and the waters can get brutal real fast. I personally know some people that have either a Hewes and duckworth and they have put them in some questionable conditions and they perform beautifully. From what i can tell the Duckworth boats are more welded than the Hewes but don't take my word for it.
Also look at Northriver boats. Theres a great guide here that chases ocean salmon and cod in a 25 footer with twin hondas. He also takes it in some relatively shalow water in the delta for striped bass and sturgeon.
I personally dream of buying the Duckworth 26 Offshore with twin ETec g2 250's.

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Duckworth and other welded boats

Post by Seon » 26 Aug 2016, 13:15

As mentioned, Duckworth and North Rivers are quite popular boats...more so in the PacNorthWest where they're built.

I've fished in a couple of my buddies boats and was/am quite impressed with the Duckie and N/Rivers but they are quite costly.

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