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Nobility Scale

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Nobility Scale

Post by Pappy »

Have seen a bunch of posts about "what screws do I use in Aluminum" etc. and a bit here and there about corrosion between metals.
Guys and Gals, there is a simple scale out there called a Nobility Scale that rates (metals) from anodic (corrodes away) to cathodic (sticks around).
Take a look at any one of the scales on the web and pick out the metal you want to fasten to and find the metal closest to it on the scale for the attaching hardware.
The closer together the metals are the less potential between them. The farther away from each other on the scale the more potential (or corrosion)
Pretty simple!

https://www.corrosion-doctors.org/Defini ... series.htm

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Nobility Scale

Post by Kismet »

This should be a sticky.

TYVM, Pappy.
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Nobility Scale

Post by surfman »

Humm, according to the chart Steel is a better choice than SS.

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