Vintage Fiberglass vs. Vintage Aluminum

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Vintage Fiberglass vs. Vintage Aluminum

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There are lots of old fiberglass boats out there available for free, because it cost $ just to take them to the landfill.

At least junk aluminum boats can be cashed in at a metal recycler.

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Vintage Fiberglass vs. Vintage Aluminum

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In the 70's I had a then brand new 70's Glastron tri hull and I beached it often, had in everything from deep sea, to the Fla keys, to lake Okeechobee and everything in between and the 55 Johnson had no problems getting it up on plane even with three tanks in the stern. I loved the boat but mistakenly traded it for a 25' Sea Ray (POS) mid cabin in the late 80's, bad move.

Nowadays I'm a tin boater, the weight and manageability of aluminum at my age just makes sense, glass is so much heavier.

Gary (in South Florida)

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