Lund tins

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Lund tins

Post by Blue Dawg »

Compared to newer brands how do Lund boats compare?

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Lund tins

Post by Jim »

I would say that Lund is one of the top brands out there that others should be compared to.

Lund’s are solid boats! I want one, just can’t afford the one I want.

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Lund tins

Post by FishinLite »

I have an 1981 Pike 16 Dlx i restored and updated a couple years ago. The hull, transom and foam were in great shape, the rest was toast when I started.

The restoration story is on this site.
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Lund tins

Post by bcbouy »

when i was comparing boats before my purchase,and i did a complete breakdown of each boat i was looking at,lunds were crossed off the list almost immediately.too narrow,not enough storage,the drivers seat mount was off center,and it was way over priced compared to what the top competitors boats were offering.even the basic utility boat was lacking.i was looking for very specific things in my new boat and i was being quite picky.i personally think lund is only relying on their name now.if you do an in depth analysis you will see what i mean.if i were in the market for a new utility boat i'd go with the g3 again.princecraft would be a very close second.
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Lund tins

Post by Justaguy442 »

Newer lunds have failing paint, rotting transoms, leaking rivetsbut every boat will have issues. So not a poor boat but they have nothing over equal boats like the alumacraft, crestliner , princecraft ect. Maybe 20 years ago they were made better and so that reputation has followed them but i dont thing the quality has. I boat a brand new lund in 2014, because i had cash in my hand and it was on the lot and had the options i wanted but so did crestliner. LUND being on the side had nothing to do with it.

Is LUND better then any other boat defiantly not, but they are equal. Only thing i dont like is that they dont allow as high of HP as other manufactures of the same length boat.

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Lund tins

Post by EZ707 »

I have a 17 foot 1988 Lund Rebel that just had a 2001 Merc 115 put on the back. It is our third aluminum but our tenth boat. It does lack in storage but the boat doesn’t leak a drop to this day. Even after the previous owner dropped her on the ramp. Definitely the best boat we’ve ever owned for the SF bay as it can handle 10 to 20 knt winds with out busting your teeth out. You do catch a decent amount of spray but nothing a rain coat can’t handle.

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