Not another boat

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water bouy
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Not another boat

Post by water bouy »

I've got two in the yard and the boat of a lifetime turns up at an affordable price. So far I managed to stay away from it but no one will buy it. Sheesh. Is this a common syndrome with everyone? Ordinarily I'd set the hook and unload the other two but selling any kind of vehicle around here seems to take a lot longer than it used to.
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Not another boat

Post by FishinFitz »

Yep! In the same boat you are. Maybe not the deal of a lifetime but a Gheenoe popped up last week, great price, looked to be in good shape, had cash in my pocket. Have four yaks, a paddle board, semi V aluminum, jon boat, and building a poling skiff. HemHawed long enough someone snatched it up before I did. As much as I wanted to try one out hard to justify another hull parked.

Of course if I were to reduce my inventory, wouldn't be any deals for a good long while...

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Not another boat

Post by DaleH »

I hear you both ... but I started selling off my ... ahhh, ahem ... “acquired collections” and I have sent the proceeds to my financial planner and now he wants me to start thinking about when I can retire early. I like that idea better!

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Not another boat

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funny,i've started to aquire more toys for when i do retire. :LOL2:new quad, new snow machine and a ski boat that i can the snow machine.
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Not another boat

Post by surfman »

If you can afford to do it, why not? So what if it takes a month to sell the one you don't want. The key is, it is what you want and what you have is not.

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Not another boat

Post by ppine »

Be careful what you buy in the first place. Don't pay too much. It takes some discipline. I have 3 canoes, and a power boat and a raft and am looking for a drift boat. It is hard to follow that advice.
When buying boats and RVs, it is important to be very conscious of the purchase price. I usually make a little on both because I shine them up and repair them. Buy boats with the idea that you may not keep them that long.
Sell boats in the spring. Find a good consignment lot on a main drag. Take good photos for a website. Ask a reasonable price.
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