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Tail walking tinny. Yikes.

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Tail walking tinny. Yikes.

Post by IADIVER »

That's just plain craziness there.. Lol

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Tail walking tinny. Yikes.

Post by KMixson »

Needs wings on that thing!

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Tail walking tinny. Yikes.

Post by enwez »

Wow! The balls on that guy! And here I am making sure people are wearing their life jackets in 10mph wind...

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Tail walking tinny. Yikes.

Post by GTS225 »

Gotta give props to the bimini, though. It seems to be hangin' right in there.


Tinny Fleet
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Tail walking tinny. Yikes.

Post by Tinny Fleet »

Those Australians do some crazy racing with their tinny's, look them up on you tube.

The standard fare seems to be something about 12' long or so, with about a 25HP souped up motor. They ride two in the boat with one person on the tiller and one person toward the front, both of them leaning back and forth like crazy to keep the boat upright and tracking true through twists and turs that would make your head spin!

The boats themselves look no-frills: stripped, with little more than a gas tank and a piece of rope tied to the front bow eye to hang on to. Insane!!!
Tinny Fleet

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Tail walking tinny. Yikes.

Post by DaleH »

Dang, I’ve seen boats ‘porpising’ before but that is outrageous!
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Tail walking tinny. Yikes.

Post by RiverBottomOutdoors »

Smack your head on the gunnel and hopefully you have a loved one willing to change your adult diapers for the rest of your life.

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Tail walking tinny. Yikes.

Post by LDUBS »

He needs a glass bottom boat.
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