trolling rod holders

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Jon-ny Cash
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trolling rod holders

Post by Jon-ny Cash »

I know this doesn't seem like something you would read on here but we live not to far from cape lookout where, here recently, we have been hammering to Spanish (mackerel) about 150ft from the beach. long story... not quite as long, I need to figure out a way to mount rods on my 15ft jon boat to troll with. I have thought of a couple different ways but they all end in soaked reels or getting in the way of the tiller steer. If any of you have done anything like this or have any ideas please share pictures and/or ideas. thanks in advance!!
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trolling rod holders

Post by Weldorthemagnificent »

I have a board that I bolt to the oarlocks. It comes off in a minute and no new holes in the boat. I use it for my downrigger and a rod holder for flat lining. It's actually a handy place to set stuff and I have plans to use a router to make a dish in it and also mount some better adjustable rod holders. Lots of possibilities on a budget. Image

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trolling rod holders

Post by Justaguy442 »

google, scotty clamp mount.

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trolling rod holders

Post by bcbouy »

a couple boats back i used oar lock rod holders with lake troller downriggers.
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trolling rod holders

Post by Colorado1135 »

possibly look at a way to design a "rocket launcher" type rack. it would keep the rods up and out of the spray
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trolling rod holders

Post by jethro »

I like the Downeast style clamp mounts for small tin boats. They work great and aren't much money.

Image ... uct_id=125
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trolling rod holders

Post by LDUBS »

Kind of obvious I guess but the beauty of these clamp on rod holders is you can move them around to meet your needs, not to mention no need to drill holes.
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trolling rod holders

Post by fyr4efect »

I use these adapted to the tracker rail. Scotty.
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trolling rod holders

Post by DaleH »

jethro wrote:I like the Downeast style clamp mounts for small tin boats. They work great and aren't much money.

Image ... uct_id=125
There’s 2 for sale for $35 on eBay w/ free shipping.

Search terms “down east sportscraft rod holder”.
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trolling rod holders

Post by ProduceMan »

I bought a pair of these oarlock holders ... t/33982499 . Very easy and plenty sturdy. Any Scotty or Cabelas/Basspro rodholder fits. Just because you never know what or how big a fish can hit the trollers, I attached a kayak style rod leash to each thru bolt.
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trolling rod holders

Post by JNG »

Tite-Loc clamp on or Scotty.

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