Adding floor and deck to 16ft Mirrocraft

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Adding floor and deck to 16ft Mirrocraft

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Hi guys,

I'm replacing the rotted wood floor in my 16ft Mirrocraft. It has a 74" beam and is 34" deep at the bow. It's about the same dimensions as the Mirrocraft Laker 3672.

I framed the floor over the ribs using 2x3 and used a whole sheet of 5/8" BC Fir plywood in one piece. I think the whole floor and framing weighs 80 pounds.

I framed over the rear bench to the front bench to make side storage compartments and made a casting deck. I'll cover it using 1/2" BC Fir plywood. This should weight around 120 pounds. I removed the center bench.

Is 200 pounds of frame, bench, storage and casting deck too much for this kind of boat? I'm not looking for any speed record. I'll use a 25HP 2 stroke tiller outboard.

I'm mostly building it to troll with one person on medium sized lake (5-10 miles long).

I'll add pictures tomorrow.