Tip for a good & FAST aluminum brightener

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Tip for a good & FAST aluminum brightener

Post by DaleH »

From another boating friend:

Go straight to NAPA, do not pass Go, do not collect $100 and buy this stuff - Purple Power Aluminum Brighter - only about $5! Spray it on your aluminum boat or trailer or T-Top supports, work it in with a little scrub pad (wear gloves) ... but don’t let it sit too long, like 20 seconds, and rinse it off and BAM ... your item will look brand new - period.

Advise, be very quick, it’s like a flash brightener, as soon as the stuff hits the aluminum it’s brightened. The posted only did like 4 or 5 feet at a time, sprayed it on, worked it in with a pad and then thoroughly rinsed it almost immediately ... before moving to the next section.The 'after' photo looks great!

Purple Power Tin.jpg

Purple Power Tin2.jpg
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Tip for a good & FAST aluminum brightener

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Nice tip. Thank You.

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Tip for a good & FAST aluminum brightener

Post by MrGiggles »

Stuff works great. It's acid based.

Toilet bowl cleaner works good too.

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Tip for a good & FAST aluminum brightener

Post by LDUBS »

I used Starbrite brand aluminum cleaner on the old boat. It worked pretty well, but it was hard for me to avoid streaking.

Anyway, I would hate to remove that old aluminum oxidized look it took me a couple of years to achieve. :LOL2: And besides, a shiny boat might scare the fish away. :LOL2: :LOL2:
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