Fresh Mods to 14/36

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Fresh Mods to 14/36

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Hey Guys, Ilive in west tennessee near Kentucky Lake and got a steal on a 14 ft jon. It looked like damn-it and had a couple of things goin for it, like a good trailer and new seats, but thats about it. I have since done a ton of work to it and will be postingpics soon. I ve got some great little tricks I have used and will be curious to some of the feedback. Hope to post pics tonite or tomorrow, so be on the look out...Thanks and Love this forum!!! -Danny

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Fresh Mods to 14/36

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Welcome aboard.
Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

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Fresh Mods to 14/36

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:WELCOME: aboard
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Fresh Mods to 14/36

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Howdy! Looking forward to seeing your mods.

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Fresh Mods to 14/36

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Welcome Aboard! 8)
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Fresh Mods to 14/36

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can't wait to see those pics!!!

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Fresh Mods to 14/36

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Nice - show us what you did
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