Live Well Ideas

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Big Buck
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Live Well Ideas

Post by Big Buck » 31 Oct 2008, 23:11

I am wanting to put a live well in my boat. I am wanting to put it in one of the seats, and I am not really wanting to use a cooler. Does any one have an Idea of what i could use to sit inside of the seat to hold water in. I am trying to think of somekind of hard plastic container but can not come up with anything. I then plan on running a hose from the pump to the back of the boat to draw the water in and drain the water out. Any ideas would be great. Thanks


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Re: Live Well Ideas

Post by Popeye » 01 Nov 2008, 00:04

Not sure your dimensions but here is one that is 26W x 12H x 17.5D

Plastic tubs are going to be hard to find that will fit. Good luck.

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