This section is for any pictures and any questions or comments regarding photography. No fishing pictures here.
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Nice pic NJ!
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Post by BassAddict »

nice picture nj, i think it would be a great pic if the dog was to the right of the picture covering up old table and boat in the background. All-in-All good job tho
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Post by mtnman »

Very nice pic of your dog. that camera takes nice pics.
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Nice pic! My oldest dog's name is Chief also 8)
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I think you r dog looks much better then Bass Addict, probably smells better too :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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nice pic i to do some photography. i help out at weadings and other gatherings. its fun and i make ok money :wink:
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Cool picture,I like it!!
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Good Looking Pup... Makes for a good signature! :D
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