Printing Photos as Pictures / Whats the easiest way ??

This section is for any pictures and any questions or comments regarding photography. No fishing pictures here.
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Printing Photos as Pictures / Whats the easiest way ??

Post by sixgun86 »

I'd like to print a couple pictures and frame them so I can fill up some wall space. Not sure about the frame size yet since I haven't shopped around, but the cost of the frames will determine what size I will choose to print. Not looking to spend a lot of money but I'm leaning towards 20" and up.

My questions:

Is their a particular program I can use to size the picture properly once I decide on the size to print? Prefer freeware that is easy for beginners. I.E. Photoshop is a mystery to me, but I'm MS Paint master.

Which website/company do you all prefer to have your pictures printed?

My camera is 5-8MP, will this be sufficient for a 20" - 30" picture?

Anything I'm forgetting?

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Printing Photos as Pictures / Whats the easiest way ??

Post by Dragonman »

I am becoming fond of Photobucket. They can do your printing for you, I'm not sure on the cost as I have not had them print anything for me, but I know they offer the service and can put your pics on hats, t-shirts and stuff as well. To get a Photobucket account is free, all you have to do is upload your pics. To get your prints, I believe they take the pics right from your account and print and send them to you. Photobucket also has some imaging editing stuff too but I have not messed with it much. If you go this route make sure you upload the highest resolution possible and make sure Photobucket saves it that way. I have all my uploads automatically reduced to 1024x768 just to make posting easier but you can set it how you want. Hope this helps.

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Printing Photos as Pictures / Whats the easiest way ??

Post by sicktight722 »

walmart is an option. last year for father's day I gave my dad a blown up picture of my grandfather when he was in the army during WWII standing at attention. Turned out pretty good coming from a 4x6. You can upload pictures to your walmart account and play with them a little. maybe not as much as the photobucket option though.

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Printing Photos as Pictures / Whats the easiest way ??

Post by Waterwings »

Checkout Mpix. I've had two photobooks and a 16x20 print done by them. Really good work, quick service, and a good selection of sizes, paper, etc, to choose from. Go Hi-res as mentioned above when submitting your shots to them to process. Prices depend on what you order, such as just a print, a mounted print, framed, glass, type of paper, etc.
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Printing Photos as Pictures / Whats the easiest way ??

Post by Bigkat650 »

We use a program at work called "GIMP 2" which was recommended by our tech guru. It is freeware (100% free--not a trial and no limitations), and didn't have any spyware or malware attached when we downloaded. Works on the same premise as photoshop, but is free. Works pretty well for photo editing.

Here is the website if you want to check it out:
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Printing Photos as Pictures / Whats the easiest way ??

Post by fender66 »

About the only thing not answered is your question about resolution.

For the BEST results, your file should be no less than 120 pixels per inch (ppi) at 100% of your output size.

For example:

If you are printing a 16X20, then the file resolution should be a minimum of 16X20 @ 120 ppi. You can print at lower resolutions, but you will start to see your pixels.

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