Gorton Fisherman?

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Gorton Fisherman?

Post by rabbit » 10 Jan 2013, 00:00

We're caught out in a T-storm in the Chesapeake Bay.
I think my buddy looks like he should be on a box of frozen fish.
What do you think?

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Gorton Fisherman?

Post by fender66 » 10 Jan 2013, 10:14

Could be a face that only a mother could love. :mrgreen:

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Gorton Fisherman?

Post by PSG-1 » 03 Feb 2013, 23:35

LMAO, I remember you telling me about this experience. Yeah, that's a face that ought to be on a box of fish filets. :mrgreen:
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Gorton Fisherman?

Post by DocWatson » 05 Feb 2013, 09:01

The Gorton's guy looked a bit happier to be on the water than your friend does. :wink:
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