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KMixson » Today, 14:02 wrote:I was bitten by a copperhead when I was 13 or 14. My father and I were in the woods when we came across a copperhead. He found a stick and was supposedly holding the snakes head down when I tried to pick it up. As I reached down the snake got free and struck at my hand. I snatched my hand back as fast as I could but was not quick enough. It caught the tip of my middle finger and scratched it. It did not get a good solid bite, thank goodness. When we returned home we called the doctor on the phone and he told us to just keep an eye on it and that copperheads are known not to necessarily inject venom when they bite.

Rattlesnakes have a musk that smells like a cow to me. I tell people that if you are walking in the woods and start smelling a cow and are not in a cow pasture to start looking close at where they are walking. I have found many rattlesnakes that way.

If you think a cottonmouth has strong muscles to constrict your arm you need to have a good sized rat snake or king snake wrap around your arm. The power is impressive. They are very strong.

As for the 11' snake skin, It was stretched to 11' feet. There are no legitimate records of a live diamondback ever reaching that length. I have heard that there is a reward for any diamondback that reaches over a certain length like 8' but that it has never been claimed.

I have caught/held many docile King and Rat snakes some over 6' and yes they are strong but they don't squeeze real hard if your not holding their heads it just takes time to unwind all that snake from your arm if they wrap it 3 or so times. This Moccasin was much thicker powerful in the mid section than those snakes and squeezed my arm till my hand was red and tingling. It would squeeze and tighten, and repeat getting tighter each time and was harder to unwrap more than any other snake I've held besides larger, non native constrictors . I once caught a Green tree snake that was over 3' long! I was chopping line w a Machete and almost chopped it in half before I saw it in the leaves and vines of a thicket. It was very pretty and docile and I contemplated making it a pet but ended up releasing it.

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Speaking of "pretty snakes", I once long ago (while a student at USAIS at Ft Benning, GA) "collected" (while on a "field problem") an about 4-foot long SCARLET KINGSNAKE that was "just downright purty".
(That is the snake mentioned in the old rhyme as, "red & black, friend of Jack")

As we were "having a problem with" numerous LARGE Palmetto Bugs, roaches, venomous spiders & mice at that juncture, I put him in a sandbag & took him to my rented house & "invited him to move in to stay".
(We named him "Bobby" after a "rather snaky sort of fellow", who was NOT our favorite IOBC classmate.)
Soon, we no longer had "the vermin problem", as Kingsnakes are the opposite of "picky eaters".

As the Kingsnakes are "easily tamed" & like to "snuggle right up to" warm bodies, "Bobby" was sometimes good for an excellent quality SQUEAL out of unsuspecting visitors.

yours, satx
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