File size (in kilo or megabytes)

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File size (in kilo or megabytes)

Post by gnappi » 13 Jul 2017, 00:24

I have a what was once high end Nikon DSLR and my complaint was always that its jpg and videos have SUCH DARN LARGE file sizes.

Well for the web, I use Windows movie maker to open then simply save the movies and I get a nearly 80% file size reduction without ANY degradation in quality.

For stills I use JASC's Paint shop pro and generally get 60-70% (or more) reduction in file size. Neat tools for web publishing. If you are like me and run out of my 4g speed 5gigabyte bank and get throttled to 3g you will really appreciate the less file upload time.

Gary (in South Florida)

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