Gopro users

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Gopro users

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Do you have a Gopro? Hate the HUGE image size (both physical 1080 or 720) AND the filesize in GIGABYTES (over 1.2 gigs per segment) so, if you're not shooting @4k then try Windows (I know MS is the evil empire sorry) Movie Maker. I have to go from Linux mint back to Win7 to edit my movies but it's well worth it.

Movie maker reduces recordings from 1080 which is HUGE (in every respect) and unmanageable to a 4x3 aspect ratio. My test video file size was just under one point three gigabytes, and the 4x4 conversion is just under 213 KILOBYTES... Even the screen shot was reduced not only in physical size but the size on disk is one third the full size screenshot... AND it didn't sacrifice my "usable" video quality.

Here's two screenshots full size and reduced. Unfortunately Tinboats is automatically reducing both images even further but if it were not you would see that the fixed image is ~1/3 the size.
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Gary (in South Florida)

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Gopro users

Post by LDUBS »

Gary, thanks for the info. Mrs Ldubs gave me a Gopro Hero 5. About a year later and I still need to learn how to use it. I would eventually like to take video whilst out on the boat. If I ever tried to post a video, I can imagine having a big problem with the file size. I know folks do it all the time, but it is all kind of just beyond me.
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