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cowl seal replacement question

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cowl seal replacement question

Post by hamar507 »

Does anyone have ideas or experiences with replacing the rubber cowl seals on an older outboard? I have 2 small outboards and want to repaint the cowls. I have to replace the rubber seals around the bottom of the cowls for both motors the seals are no longer available from the manufacturer. I have access to a u-channel weather strip but am not sure this will work, it seams too soft.

Has anyone used anything else? Any ideas would be appreciated. I have searched this forum but no luck.

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cowl seal replacement question

Post by bassboy1 »

Assuming you are talking Johnson/Evinrude (brand, hp, and model number are essential bits of info on any motor repair question), given the NOA status of the part, as well as your possible solution to it. Seems to fit a J/E to a note.

I will say this. Fuel hose, with a razor knife split down the middle, works quite well.

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cowl seal replacement question

Post by crazymanme2 »

Up here in Michigan there is a few outboard juck yards where you might be able to find those parts.Maybe there's some by you.?
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