Help Evaluating a Motor Price Please

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Help Evaluating a Motor Price Please

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Hey everyone. Thanks ahead of time for anyone taking time to answer my post. Here is my question. I have the chance to buy a 1986 Mariner 5hp model 5C ML. Overall its in great shape. The engine is very clean and it starts up with no problems. It had sat for a year or more. The issues are after running a few seconds gas starts pouring out the lower end of the carb. I think it just needs tightening or new seal as it appears to be coming from the gasket area. The other thing is I have not been able to get water to come out of the port to show the pump is working. It bubbles like its trying but no water comes out. I have not let it run more that a 30 seconds. I don't know if its clogged from sitting or if the pump needs work. All in all I can get this for $200. Is this a good price considering the current issues? Also, I was told to run 50:1 mix. Is this correct because it smokes a good bit and its pure white smoke. Thanks for reading and any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Help Evaluating a Motor Price Please

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Hi there, first i'll put a disclaimer that I'm no motor expert. I can give my two cents though! I just purchased a 2001 5HP Mercury 2-stroke for $450.00. The motor is in perfect working condition. Based on what I've looked at in my area, that was a really good deal.

My advice is to call your local marine shop and ask them what they think. Give them details of whats wrong and see if they could give you a ball park of what costs you could be looking at. Ask if they even carry parts for that motor (accessibility to replacement parts is very important) The other thing is consider what you are willing to spend in total on the motor. If you buy it for $200 are you willing to double the costs to get it fixed? What could you get for $400 in your area? Something newer possibly?

Just food for thought... good luck.
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