Shifting issue...Is my season over??!!!

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Honky Tonkin
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Shifting issue...Is my season over??!!!

Post by Honky Tonkin » 15 May 2011, 21:24

So I was working on my carb today, putting a new float on + a all new gasket for the carb and fuel pump. That went off without hitch, put the carb back on and crank it up to see how it ran and I have 2 forwards and reverse is neutral. I experienced this before when putting the lower unit back on, and corrected it, but it was shifting correctly and then wasn't. I had mentioned in a previous post that there was a thumping noise coming from the the motors, and I now think this is a result of that.

I took the lower unit off, and realigned the gears, and they worked for a few shifts, but then it goes back to forward, foward, neutral. Any idea how to fix this without spending too much money(got a kid coming in August and I am trying to save up for my wife to have time off from work). Is the lower unit shot?

Oh, to add insult to injury, my pull start broke the last time I tried to start it. Awesome day:(

Thanks for any input-Joe
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Shifting issue...Is my season over??!!!

Post by cajuncook1 » 15 May 2011, 22:21

Sent you a PM, please check your messages.

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