Various new problems with 1987 Johnson 50 HP

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Various new problems with 1987 Johnson 50 HP

Post by Sullemander » 26 Jun 2016, 20:19

In my last post I detailed issues of me getting the motor started. Since then I was able to get it started by spraying a little bit of fuel on the carbs before attempting to start the engine. So I thought that was the end of my troubles. Sadly, it was only the beginning.

After having that initial success of getting it started, I decided to take it out on the water and give it a little test run. Found out right away that the reverse wasn't working. Figured it wasn't that big of a deal and that I would look into it later. Then I proceeded to cruise at various speeds, giving the motor a nice little working. About 10 minutes after leaving the landing, while at full throttle, the motor revved itself, flung itself up, and died in a matter of about 2 seconds. After unsuccessfully attempting to restart the engine, I had to get towed back to the landing.

So back to square one I thought. I chose to tackle the problem of the motor not even starting first. Figured it was a battery connection problem this time. I was correct. Some corrosion on the tip of the connector was to blame. So I fixed that and after an ample spraying of fuel on the carbs, it appeared we were back in business. For the next 45 minutes I ran the motor in my driveway at varying speeds. The whole time it sounded great and didn't die once. I thought to myself everything was good to go again! Sadly, I thought wrong again.

This time when I took it out, I barely lasted 3
minutes. I was just getting up to speed when the motor revved, trimmed itself up and over the trandom, and died. I immediately tried to restart it and this time it did successfully come back to life. Only problem this time was that I had zero prop movement. The prop wasnt spinning as I throttled up and down. And just like that, I needed another tow back to the landing.

After doing some research, I concluded that my problem was with my clutch dog. Wanting to get to that to check it out, I took off my lower unit and attempted to get through to it. I was unable to dissassemble the bearing cover and housing from the prop shaft. Not knowing what I was doing, I also completely disassembled the water pump and impeller. After not being successful in removing the bearing cover, I decided to just reassemble everything and see how it runs. I reassembled everything and also put new gear oil in the lower unit. I put the lower unit back on and fired her up.

To my dismay, now my shift shaft isn't moving as I shift gears and my motor is no longer peeing. It seems I have created more problems for myself. I'm at the point where I think I need to get this thing looked at by a professional, but I figured I would come here for any last minute ideas on how I could fix all this. Thanks guys!

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