Intermittent starting problems.

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Intermittent starting problems.

Post by euroshowoff » 26 Jun 2016, 23:13

I'm at a loss currently and thought I worked all the gremlins out but I guess I was wrong.

Backstory - motor is a 98 force Mercury 2 stroke. Replaced the plugs, ignition packs, starter solenoid, starter, starter cables and new battery. This seemed to have fixed all my starting issues going into the summer.

Now - boat was firing up on the first turn every time so far this season until last weekend. Got to a spot and trolled for a few hours, went to start it back up and the motor would not turn over. I've lost all confidence at this point. I went to troubleshoot for spark, fuel etc today and the motor fired up and ran the first turn. I could not reproduce the issue.

So where should I start?

I should mention that the idle is a bit rough at times and I need to give it throttle to keep the motor from shutting down. Wasn't the story today on muffs it ran no problems and didn't cut off once.

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