motor guestion

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Ken 6645
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motor guestion

Post by Ken 6645 » 05 Jul 2016, 14:51

I have a 1432 Lowe jon boat..I installed a deck over most of the useable space..The 18 Hp [long shaft ] is to long to push the boat this up in the front with out going on over.
I have raised the motor3 or 4 inches by buying a jack plate with a 3 inch set back....Now boat sitting level on the the prop is about dead even with the bottom...Am I going in the direction ... tne motor can be set back a couple of inches back [5 in ] fairly easy job Raising the motor might be a little harder..Any thoughts on my situation ??
Thank you ........................
Ken B

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motor guestion

Post by onthewater102 » 05 Jul 2016, 16:03

Not quite following your description - can you post a picture of it trailered?
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motor guestion

Post by Johnny » 06 Jul 2016, 09:07

Motor Mount.jpg
Motor Mount.jpg (13.39 KiB) Viewed 790 times
This diagram has been circulating around the forum
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Ken 6645
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motor guestion

Post by Ken 6645 » 07 Jul 2016, 22:57

the picture helps somewhat...The way it has the prop in the pic shows to be top of the prop blade even with the boats bottom side ...mine has the prop at the centerline now
where before had the blade was 5 inch deeper than it was and 3 inch closer than before..I'm thinking this might work now ....I'm guessing the deeper the prop the more torque....Let me try tomorrow morning ...thanks for your help
I will take several photos tomorrow and post them ... p?id=86422

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motor guestion

Post by enginerd » 07 Jul 2016, 23:34

The way I've been taught to position the motor is to put the anti-ventilation plate even with the bottom of the boat (as shown in the diagram Johnny posted). I don't think how far back the motor sits is as critical. There can be benefits to mounting the motor slightly higher than ventilation plate flush to the bottom of the boat; this is a pretty good article on it here ( ... justments/). However, if you have the center-line of the propeller even with the bottom of the boat, I would be concerned about sucking air.
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