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Outboard help

Posted: 06 Jul 2016, 17:46
by dbeals05
I was given a 1978 15 hp evinrude. It has been sitting in a barn for the last 10 years, before that it ran good. Took the top off to find a mice nest inside and the fuel line has been chewed on. Besides that i dont know much else about it

I would like to work on it myself but not sure where to start.

Good place for parts? Is it a gas and oil mix?

Model 15804B if that helps. Thanks for any help.

Outboard help

Posted: 06 Jul 2016, 18:01
by lckstckn2smknbrls
It is a 2 stroke motor and should use a 50 to 1 fuel oil mix.
Get rid of all the crap from the mice and inspect all the wires for damage.

Outboard help

Posted: 07 Jul 2016, 08:51
by RiverLife
Here is what I would do if it was mine.

Pull plugs and lube cylinders while slowly turning engine over by hand

check compression and spark

replace fuel lines and any other rotten hoses

rebuild carb and clean fuel filter if applicable

install fresh spark plugs gapped to spec

mix some fresh fuel from a good clean can and give it a yank, engine is liquid cooled so make sure it is in water

let it warm up and dial in carb

if it runs good change oil in lower unit along with water pump impeller

Now it is time to enjoy it on the water or sell it off. Never let a gas engine sit!