Here is a grand idea for anyone with large play in steering

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Here is a grand idea for anyone with large play in steering

Post by driz » 01 Aug 2016, 08:56

This applys to the straight rack / pinion type only but it's smart, free and pretty simple. My 90 Bayliner has about 2" of free play in the wheel. Not a big issue on plane but at slow speed it's a PITA. This is what its getting in short order. I have heard of this before but never with the pictures showing where to mill or grind.

Is there a way to tighten the free play in the R&P? Mines got some slop.

Yes, replace the pinioni gear shaft bushing for starters.
If that does not correct most of it, the rack gear can be brought closer to the pinion gear by:

a...... milling some material on the pinion gear housing. (from the contact points where it mates up to the rack gear housing).


b..... carefully place shim stock between the back side of the rack gear and the housing. Must be full size and lubricated.

(IMO, "a" is a better method)
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