1991 Evinrude Tracker 25hp swap to a 1981 Johnson 60hp

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1991 Evinrude Tracker 25hp swap to a 1981 Johnson 60hp

Post by riplip46 » 12 Aug 2016, 16:22

What am I looking at here?? Wanting to repower my 91 Pro17 Tracker to a 60hp Johnson i found on another boat. Im redoing my Tracker and was going to sell but decided i should just repower with a bigger motor and keep it. Just not sure if it is a straight swap or what I will need to complete the swap other than motor and control box.

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1991 Evinrude Tracker 25hp swap to a 1981 Johnson 60hp

Post by DaleH » 12 Aug 2016, 16:40

You may be in for NEW mounting holes, so be prepared and seal the holes well!

If you use cable steering and it is old, I'd suggest replacing it now with a No FeedBack (NFB) system by Uflex or other. I just went from a 40hp to a 60hp (boat's rating) and the old steering that was fine w/ the 40 now tears the wheel out of my hands at speed. So I adjusted the fin above the prop to account for this ... now running at speed is fine, but if I let the wheel go at lower speeds, the motor torque turns the boat. Replace it NOW if you can ... you'll thank me!

Make sure your seats or seat bases are sound, as you will be flying w/ 60 ponies behind you! Chrckout the new pressed-aluminum 4-blade props from Turning Point, I get acceleration throughout the entire RPM range.
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