Oil pressure too high

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Oil pressure too high

Post by Prowelder » 19 Aug 2016, 19:54

I have a 94 Honda 15 horsepower 4-stroke engine starts on half a pull runs great except oil pressure builds up. It blows the dipstick off and and squirt oil after running full speed for couple of minutes

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Al U Minium
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Oil pressure too high

Post by Al U Minium » 20 Aug 2016, 09:40

Overfilled, wrong type of oil, measure oil temp, check for contaminants in oil

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Oil pressure too high

Post by Sinkingfast » 20 Aug 2016, 21:33

I doubt the oil pressure is too high but I bet the crankcase pressure might be too high. Non functioning crankcase vent, excessive blowby come to mind also.
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