Shear Pins

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1960 yellowboat
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Shear Pins

Post by 1960 yellowboat »

I have a Vintage {AKA} old outboard that uses shear pins.
Whats the opinion here?
Brass or Aluminum?
Gonna make my own out of round stock.
I carry two extra props and an extra prop nut but need some pins

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Shear Pins

Post by woody1 »

I guess if nobody has an answer, I'll put in my 2 cents worth. I'm sure no expert but I know that brass and aluminum react galvanically, as in the brass will corrode the aluminum. Also I have an ancient Johnson that uses shear pins and still have some of the originals. They are not aluminum but the prop is. Thus I'd say go with what your prop is. Regards, Woody

I see I need to correct this..the shear pins are not brass and the prop is aluminum.
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Shear Pins

Post by BigTerp »

I found OEM shear pins for my 1956 Johnson 5hp on ebay for pretty cheap. That was about 6 years ago though.
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Shear Pins

Post by Pappy »

Brass if you want to make them.
You should be able to find them easily online or ebay though. Same as a Johnson 5 1/2

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