Dry launching, and 2-speed winches

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Dry launching, and 2-speed winches

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I'm in the planning stages for new trailer for my project boat. I've seen some articles on dry launching and retrieving of boats, without dunking the trailer hubs. I primarily boat in salt water, so keeping the trailer and axle dry will significantly prolong it's life. I've figured out the efficient way to launch and retrieve so I don't hog the ramp. Now I'd like to set up the hardware to work as efficiently as possible.

not my boat or trailer, but borrowed photo from this article:
http://saltyshores.com/wordpress/2010/0 ... h-trailer/
notice that the trailer axle is not underwater, and the winch line is hooked up to launch and retrieve.

Previous to reading about this, I've always just floated the boat on and off the trailer bunks. Truck driver was instructed to hit the brakes and float the boat off. This time, I'm planning on wetlander/gatorglide type coating on the bottom, so it should slide off the trailer easily. And I might experiment with waxing the bunks as well. Some sort of walkway for additional safety and comfort. I'll likely need to angle the tips of the bunks to aid retrieval and install a wide roller over the rear crossmember to reduce damage. Also have a lot of cranking to do, if the trailer isn't in the water.

And then, I read about two-speed (non-electric) winches for retrieving the boat. Hooo boy. And how some of them reverse cranking direction when you switch gears. Or have to move the handle from one pin to another. Sounds terribly inconvenient for something that's supposed to make life easier. Anybody using one that's easy to shift gears, and doesn't reverse cranking direction between gears? I reckon that would drive me nuts.

I'm probably overthinking this, but then again, I overthink everything. Thanks for any tips and tricks with hardware to streamline this.

Cheers, Brian.