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race wont seat.

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race wont seat.

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Loctite is much better than nothing but if you run across something like this again go to an industrial supply and get some Press Fit Repair. It is made for just what you are doing or other like repairs. it is a paste and much stronger. I'll promise you with peening and using it short of heating the race you won't get that race out when you use it unless the hub is grossly distorted.

https://www.zoro.com/loctite-retaining- ... /G1239707/

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race wont seat.

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driz wrote:If it's rusty it will take more than an hour. Plan for at least 2 and unless you are buying new U shackles start a week early by soaking them daily in a squirt of penetrant oil. An air wrench is a very nice help here too. A torch set comes in handy too especially if you want it doe in that magic hour Chop the shackles toss on new and you will be done and heading for the water in an hour. Any spring shop can whip you up a set in short order probably for under 20 bucks. If they are all rusted to noticeably thinned shape or all mangled changing them out makes it so easy compared to wrestlin with a cheater bar ect.
You should not reuse the U-bolts just cut them off and use new ones.
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