Trailex Aluminum Trailer

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Trailex Aluminum Trailer

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I purchased a used Trailex trailer for my 14 ft Starcraft boat. The trailer uses 3/8” T-bolts that slide in a channel along its outside rails of to hold the various components (winch, rollers, lights, license plate) to the trailer. My problem is that some of the T-bolts slide freely in the channel and others seem to be solidly fastened in place. Does anyone have any experience with this type of trailer and relocating these bolts. Note: They are not just stuck in place, I have tried everything to move them, they seem to be locked in place and I need to relocate some of them. Thanks Jack

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Trailex Aluminum Trailer

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Jack; I happen to have a Trailex two-wheel dolly for auto towing, and it's put together with the same type construction. I might suggest you thread two of the nuts onto a t-bolt, and lock them together. Then, turn them in a loosening direction. I think the t-bolts will "unlock" from the aluminum channel they are in, and will then allow you to slide them around.

And FWIW, they are still in business, and you can get parts from them if you happen to have any cracked beams like I did in the tongue framing. (Along with those bolts if you need any.) Oh, and they advised me to NOT replace the standard steel hardware with stainless fasteners.