To Buy Trolling Motor or Not?

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To Buy Trolling Motor or Not?

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I tried this in the Motor section but maybe I can get some thought here.

I have noticed that Cabellas is selling a Minkoat C2 Endura for 94.99 with a $25 dollar rebate. I travel for work and have an extra $25 gift card from hotel points laying around. My thought is to pick up one of these small motors since it would be $45 to me. My dilemma if it is really needed for my aplication. I have a small 14" V bottom boat with a 6hp Johnson 2 stroke outboard right now. I'm able to idle the motor down to some pretty slow trolling speeds already. I do carry a car battery in the boat right now just to supply power to the finder and lights. My thought that I would need to upgrade that battery for running a trolling motor. Is this just wasting money or should I go with what I have and spend it on more lures? Not sure if electric is a move to take? Because I could always use some new planar boards and more rod holders.

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To Buy Trolling Motor or Not?

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if you mostly troll i wouldn't worry about it esp. if your lil gas does just fine. but i like to drift/troll alot and i like the electric for making small adjustments, all depends on your fishing style, sounds like you dont need it, if you only are using a regular car battery and not a deep cycle, you would want to upgrade for sure, youd kill a reg car battery in no time constantly re-charging then discharging, so on and so forth.
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