power trim and tilt recommendations for 15hp -2 stroke ?

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power trim and tilt recommendations for 15hp -2 stroke ?

Post by oomph » 05 Jul 2016, 23:44

I have an old 1984 2 stroke johnson, and I am looking to set it up with power tilt and trim.

Can anyone recommend a good make / model to use for this type of motor?

I've been looking at http://www.bobsmachine.com/Clamp-on- ... 700000.htm

Are there any better options out there?

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power trim and tilt recommendations for 15hp -2 stroke ?

Post by DaleH » 06 Jul 2016, 08:38

I had a PT-130 model (rated for V4 OBs up to 130hp) and it was so flawless, the previously I would have recommended their PT-25 model that is rated foe small OBs. But i had never used one ... so I was surprised when I saw the smaller ones weren't as reliable or as easy to maintain in the long run. See this post here: http://forum.tinboats.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=40877

Other than that, Panther Marine makes one too, but I haven't seen any info about either the Bob's unit or the Panther model, like the feedback in the post referenced above for the CMC unit.

Sounds like careful shopping is in order. But please come back and report what you find out ...
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power trim and tilt recommendations for 15hp -2 stroke ?

Post by onthewater102 » 06 Jul 2016, 09:45

I'm working on my own using a Lenco submersible trim tab actuator and some 1/4" aluminum angle to use with my 25hp, the same should work for your 15hp and be much less expensive. I'm using the 2.25" throw actuator rather than the 4.5" as I don't really care about tilt functionality as it's a light enough motor to tilt by hand as needed - I want to be able to adjust the trim while on the water and trim it up so the prop is barely able to push water for negotiating super skinny areas.

This is the actuator retro-fitted to a factory pivot - without the leverage gained by the setback of the angle there won't be enough torque to use it at high speed as the OP of this video found out.
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