nav. light's / toggle replacement

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nav. light's / toggle replacement

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This v-hull tin i picked up last year been workin on it in my spare time, new base, post's & seats all way round and redoin the console tighten everything up and replacing all which needs it & adding . i came across a broken toggle which pertains to the compass, fish/ depth finder & nav lights/
switch; Toggle; General Purpose; G Series/ every Co. ive gone to you have to buy 12 or more?????? but they look nothin like this>

if anyone has a fisherman & the set up i stated and knows what to do or where to go o get this toggle ???// again i have a 3 way in it now and it does nothing i check fuse's and all good
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nav. light's / toggle replacement

Post by gnappi »

First things first, the three way has both (actually measured) 12v and ground going to it? If so it may be wired wrong, there are lots of pics wiring a Carling switch online.

But, if what you say your switch runs "compass, fish/ depth finder & nav lights"

I've never seen a nav/anchor light switch wired that way. Are you guessing it runs all that stuff because none of it is working?

Gary (in South Florida)

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nav. light's / toggle replacement

Post by maintenanceguy »

Switches are typically standard sizes. My guess is that this is a double pole, double throw (DPDT) switch with a jumper across two of the terminals. A continuity tester would confirm that this is true. You can find what you need here and just add your own jumper wire: