Weight Distribution Batteries

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Weight Distribution Batteries

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So I have a 1648 NSC alumacraft and I find that the bow of my boat with my aluminum deck seems to be tippy when I am near the sides of it. I was wondering if this is because of where my batteries sit right now. In the picture provided there are red boxes and black boxes. My batteries which are two sets of 24v in series are in each box so in total I have 4 batteries in the back of my boat. The red boxes are where they currently reside, with the black boxes a modification I may want to build. Based on common sense the lower the center of gravity the better, but will lowering them off the seat of the boat and placing them on the floor help with the stability of the bow when I am fishing off of it?

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Weight Distribution Batteries

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I have this exact same boat. It's an electric only rig, so I have three batteries directly behind the bow platform on the floor, and one in the console on the bow. You can check my rig from my signature line. I don't have any issues with stability and I've always got two guys standing and fishing the majority of the time. The key is low and centered for the best stability. Having the batteries more forward is better for trolling speeds since it lifts more of the stern out of the water and creates less drag.

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