Conduit size and how many?

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Conduit size and how many?

Post by josahall »

What size conduit and how many runs of it should I put in my floor? Generator planned on back. Center console. All purpose boat with 24 v troller.

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Conduit size and how many?

Post by nccatfisher »

Whatever you think is sufficient put an extra one in and put several good grade woven nylon pull strings in there ahead of time just in case. You will be glad you did unless you plan on upgrading boats in the near future.

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Conduit size and how many?

Post by eshaw »

Are you going to have a removable floor? If not I think you'd be better off running your electrical down the sides of the boat where it's easier to access. If you insist on having it in the floor I'd use plastic conduit, maybe have a run down each side. I'd go as big as you can to in case you decide to run other accessories at a later date. What are you going to run for lights?

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