Dinks in the canal (NJ) 6/1

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Dinks in the canal (NJ) 6/1

Post by bassassassin8 »

Fished the canal today from 8Am-1Pm. Sunny/overcast & even a short sprinkle, nice wind w/ temps up to 88 & water temps up to 78. Fished basically from 540 to the sportsmen club and between my dad & I, we managed 2 lmb each but no size, only 1 keeper he caught. Big girls are still restin' I guess. Saw some carp spawnin, that was pretty cool. Baby brush hogs & RI beaves did the damage today. 8)

Had a weird issue w/ the trollin' motor today, if anyone has any input. The directional guide was reading opposite? To go "straight", the dial would read we were in "reverse" and left was right, etc. Anyone have an answer to this? :wink:

Got home & mounted the FF & transducer finally :mrgreen:


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Dinks in the canal (NJ) 6/1

Post by jigster60 »

Why it's called fishing ...not catching.......Always another day me young friend...............................JIGGY

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Dinks in the canal (NJ) 6/1

Post by breachless »

Hey, I would be happy catching those little guys all day long as opposed to catching nothing at all...

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Dinks in the canal (NJ) 6/1

Post by robr3004 »

Do you need a gas engine to fish the canal? Wasn't sure how the water flow is.
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