Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by cprince »

I have been a member here for a while... and I LOVE fishing. I primarily fish Bass and Pike... but I also love to eat Walleye and Trout. The bass up here do not have anywhere near the growing season that they do down south... so the magic number for a bass up here to be called big is The Nickle. A 5lb bass is what we all look for to be called a legitimate bass angler. I still have not caught one... YET!!! Any way... with our Canadian bass being stunted compared to our American cousins usual sized bass... I have been a little shy to post a report.

I call little pike (less than 3 lbs) rockets or hammer handles... this lake that is about 3 miles from our farm is FULL of little rockets. As a result I call it NASA Lake.

Here is my report.

I had a problem with my MinnKota 50lb thrust trolling motor... went out yesterday on a paddle or electric only lake... and the variable speed switch burnt out. I was able to jury rig it so that is was either always on full speed or always off.

So today was supposed to be no fishing... just fixing the motor and cleaning up the barn yard. But I think you all know what happens when you fix up or clean or modify something that you use when you go fishing... you have to try it out ASAP!!!

My kids were playing with their cousins next door at the sister in laws place... and my wife wanted some sun... so we hit NASA Lake!!

Got on the water at about 4pm.. a little on the late side but great time for the evening bite. Flipping weeds, pads, rushes and arrow heads... got a bunch of little guys that looked like these;

2 pound Large Mouth:


another clone:

I must have caught about 10 between 2 and 3 lbs... all largies... no bronzies were coming out to play.

I got three rockets.. and I have to say that they are getting noticeably bigger since opening in May... whereas they were averaging about 1 lb they are now in the 2.5 lb range.

Wife drank too much lemonade... so she wanted to go back home. I said I wanted to fish a pad edge about 1000 feet from the launch in about 5 feet of water. Nailed a little dink pike... then I turned and cast about 4 degrees from where he was. My modified... Terminator Hybrid hit the water... I was able to get about 2 and a half winds in when all hell broke loose!!!!

At first the way the water was churning I thought I caught a beaver! I mean the darting back and forth and left and right... it was incredible... I could see that whatever it was is was big!

Wrong colour to be a pike... then I saw the bronze... Cursing swearing... breathing heavy... my wife was laughing like hell at me... :roll: got it in finally!!

Bronze Beauty!


4.11lbs of attitude!! A personal best Small Mouth for me!!

I was SO happy!!!


With the frequency of clones in this lake... I am hoping that I will see more of his doppelgangers in this lake. I know for a fact, that this lake will give me my first nickle.

But I think it will be a bronzie.

(Still grinning!!)

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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by Zum »

Look at the neck on that thing,nice fish..all of them.

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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by Queencitybassman »

Man canada doesnt look like a bad place to fish to me.. Nice fishing man tight lines

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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by cavman138 »

great looking fish man, good work
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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by cali27 »

Nice snallie! That thing is thick. WTG
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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by jkbirocz »

Now thats a report. That smallie is a freakin toad. It's always nice when a smallmouth's mouth is not that small :shock: Did you get a length on that monster? Good luck on getting your nickel, you will get it soon for sure, all the bass in the pics are super solid. I wish more of the lakes around me had smallies in them, luckily we have rivers filled with them, unfortunately it can be hard to find the real monsters in them.

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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by Jim »

Great report! :beer:
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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by breachless »

Nice fish! That thing must have put up one hell of a fight: those smallmouths are freaking tough...

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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by fish devil »

:twisted: Awesome report!!! Congrats on your PB smallie!!! =D>

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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by Captain Ahab »

WTG =D> =D> =D>
Trying to Fish as often as Jim works :LOL2:

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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by njTom »

Very Nice! Some great catches their =D>
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Bass Report: NASA Lake - Quebec Canada

Post by jigster60 »

=D> =D> =D> Sweeeet....great report...........................................................JIGGY

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