The ole spincast

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The ole spincast

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The last two times I've been out fishing I used an old zebco 11 micro gold reel on a rhino ultralight pole.

I found the reel laying around in the garage and the pole was one I had bought few years ago in a different combo. Cleaned it up and changed the line is all I've did to it.

This reel has solved my problem of throwing light weight jigs and I've been catching fish! Now, it might just be that the crappie are biting but I'm sticking with the "It's the reel story" LOL

I've been so happy with it I went and spent a whopping $28 dollars to buy the top of the line platinum version because it has more bearing than bushings. Hopefully it cranks easier than this one.

Yesterday I picked up my curado 50e and threw it a couple of times and I was like WOW now I see some of the reason why they cost more but I still caught more fish on the zebco!

This kind of makes me second guess myself about all the money I've spent on my shimano reels.. Wish I'd had this thought couple of years ago LOL. I might have to give those zebco z03 omegas a try. They get some good reviews!
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The ole spincast

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I used to have a Zebco Omega. That was a great reel. Gave it to my sister and it is her main fishing rig.
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