New Bait Well

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New Bait Well

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I don't think you will have any trouble with temperature since you are pulling from the lake/river. If you just recirculate then yes it will get pretty warm. I've considered building something like this using a cooler but everyone says shad can't handle anything except a round or rounded tank.
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New Bait Well

Post by bnt5 »

Check out no more garden hose fittings needed, makes building a livewell or bait tank a breeze. Used their fittings on my last boat and a diy bait tank build for shad, worked great.

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New Bait Well

Post by jojo »

Thought I would share my new baitwell I built due to the hinges breaking on the old one.

Issues with old baitwell:
1. Overcrowding
2. Foam
3. Over aeration
4. Difficult to drain
5. Weak hinges

I use this baitwell for holding bluegills for flathead fishing. Most of the time they didn't seem to last long enough due to over aeration, which caused a layer of foam on the top. This was caused by the spray bar I was using. The new baitwell is using a flow-rite powerstream aerator. This will pump more oxygen in the water with the venturi inlet and it releases under water. I also added a couple vents in the top to bring in oxygen from the outside.
Another issue for the gills not lasting long would be they weren't getting enough fresh water every so often and overcrowding. I added a pump out system to make it easy to remove old water, then I would just dump in fresh water from a bucket. I decided not to add a pump in system due to the weight of having to move the baitwell around when its full of water and the extra work and load of the fill kit. The tank is also double the size of the old one at 20 gallons and has more heavy duty hinges.

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New Bait Well

Post by BillPlayfoot »

That beats my laundry basket, pool noodle floatation and a lid livewell. I released all the fish in my livewell.
Great job

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