Help deciding what to do with my set up.

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Help deciding what to do with my set up.

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So what did you end up doing, jets typically need to be trimmed all the way down (tucked in) to get on plane well. Then you can try and trim up some to increase top speed. Your original jack plate is setting it back too far, it can work with a jack plate, but if your staying with the jet just take it to someone who can weld aluminum to build your transom up to the correct height to have your engine right on the transom.

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Help deciding what to do with my set up.

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My 1648 weldbilt has a canted transom, so there may be 5% or so tilt. Put on a 50/35 short shaft tiller and it needed to be lifted up to the last two sets of motor mount holes high. It planes out at 3/4 power and splash was a problem solved with the splash plate. There is little room between it and the foot fully trimmed down. Gets plenty of water. I don't know if this one would run like yours in the picture!

When the foot is tucked all the way in it's very close to plate. As it is trimmed out/up, there is several inches difference.
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