Yamaha 784cc into welded mod-v hull

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Yamaha 784cc into welded mod-v hull

Post by 86tuning » 01 Sep 2019, 21:44

CedarRiverScooter wrote:
31 Aug 2019, 19:30
The latest addition to my boat is a winch mounted at the bow - the last 2 times we went out we ran up on gravel beds (obviously not paying enough attention). Fortunately we were able to lift it off, but next time I am better prepared!
Can't wait to get stuck on gravel bars. Hoping that a slick bottom coating makes life easier. But that will be after the boat gets in the water. And I'm still a long ways from that yet. Still figuring out how to put it together at this point.

Getting some arc time in with the TIG welder has been fun so far. So much more control, but I haven't figured out how to smoothy add filler rod yet. I've got both machines plugged in to separate circuits, so I can use both MIG and TIG at the same time. Both grounds connected to my table. Just farting around at this point with the machines and the process.

The Lincoln MIGPAK 180 has a ptfe liner now, and feeds smoother than ever before. With proper prep work, it's much faster, but the welds don't hold a candle to the TIG welds. Now if I could only see better with my old set of eyes, and dab filler smoother, I might just get this boat together.
the two 220v units
the two 220v units
TIG vs MIG welds, no pre-cleaning
TIG vs MIG welds, no pre-cleaning
I'm excited that I'm finally getting back at working on the boat.

See you on the water,


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