PSA: Outboard Jet Inner Seal

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PSA: Outboard Jet Inner Seal

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I recently locked up the bearings in my Mercury 90/65 pump. I ordered a replacement bearing kit 429 directly from Specialty Manufacturing so I could rebuild the pump. When I got the kit I noticed the inner seal installed in the upper seal ring was installed opposite of the instructions that came with the kit. I assumed the Outboard Jet guys know what they are doing so I matched the direction of the upper seal with the lower seal and put it all back together. I emailed Luke O'Leary and David with Jet Doctor who both confirmed the seal was correct. Luke said they changed the direction of the seal a few years ago. I wonder if it was around the same time they changed the grease specification from NLGI 1 to NLGI 2. I'm attaching a screenshot of the instructions showing the inner seals going the old direction and a picture of the upper inner seal I received with the seal installed the new direction. In my opinion, based on a typical trailer axle bearing, it makes sense for the cup side of the seal to be facing the grease.

Also, I had no idea but the Guru Brian at Specialty Manufacturing passed away :cry: ... =189605061

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