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Hull dents

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Hull dents

Post by JoshKeller »

That looks like a stainless impeller to me.

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Hull dents

Post by LarryMc »

JoshKeller wrote:That looks like a stainless impeller to me.
It could be, but all the stainless impellers I have seen have square keys. That's why I thought this one was aluminum.
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Hull dents

Post by BigTerp »

Yeah, it's stainless.

Not much gained by shimming down and cleaning up the impeller. Hole shot was slightly better. Top end about the same. 19-20 up river and 23-24 down river. I need to get a passenger in the boat to see how it does. With just me it plows at the bow. My boat is definitely set up to run best with a second person in the rear seat.
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