Those grease tubes?

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Those grease tubes?

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I grease my jet after every time it has been submerged in water. I use 2-4-C with the little hand luber but I hate those toothpaste type grease tubes. I have to roll up the end and to keep from getting air inside I’ve been clamping the rolled portion. Up until yesterday that has been ok but now a small hole developed in the crease of the fold which lets grease out and air in so the PITA tube has become even more trouble.

Anyone else have solutions for these tubes? Is there something I’m missing or some tips?

BTW I have a full size grease gun and one of the little mini one hand deals but I don’t use them because I don’t want to blow out the seals.
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Those grease tubes?

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I made a clamp of two 3/8" square aluminum rods, wide enough to go across tube w/ a bolt & wing nut on each end, loosen a bit and push up the tube and tighten in place. Like those plastic clamp ones made for toothpaste tubes, but w/ bolts on the ends.