merc 60/40 question

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merc 60/40 question

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Hello Guys,

Im thinking about re-powering my 16' jon from a 25 prop to a jet. I want to keep weight down and I'm considering a 2 stroke 2002 mercury 60/40. I'm curious on their performance from the guys that ran them and a good ball park price on a 2002 mint 60/40.....Unfortunately, I can't find much on the web in regards to performance or used value. I have found one for $3800, but I'm unsure if that's a fair price.

Thanks in advance

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merc 60/40 question

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I have a 1994 Mercury 60/45 2 stroke jet on my 16' Lowe and I'm glad I went with the 60 over a 50 motor. I'm usually out by myself and the 60 is more than enough and I run at 3/4 throttle or less. But when I do have another person or 2, the 60 is needed and that's when you'll be glad you have the extra power. I think the 60 has a bigger pump than the 40 or 50 but I'm not 100% sure where the cutoff is so that will give you more performance over the smaller motors as well. My boat is a jet tunnel hull so it might sit a little lower in the back vs a non tunnel hull and I haven't had any issues. I think the boat will run around 30-32 mph with just me in it. As for the pricing, I've seen the older ones like mine in the $2500-3000 range so once you get into the 2000's I would imagine the prices go up a little.
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2001 Lowe Roughneck 1652 VT with Merc 60/45 jet 2 stroke