14' Flat Bottom Sketchup Model

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14' Flat Bottom Sketchup Model

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base_v5 wrote:The finished bow plate looks fantastic!

What tool (in sketchup) did you use to twist the sculpture?

Sketchup is a really great way to help visualize the final product. Sometimes your brain and reality don't see thing the same way :LOL2:
Thanks! The twisting sculpture is a series of cubes that have been rotated. Try this...

Draw a square and push/pull to a cube. Using the rotate tool, rotate the top face. This should twist the first segment, you can enter the degrees of twist. Instead of a cube i rotated a tapering cube which was slightly larger at top. I made a series of these to form the twist. It was 9 segments each rotated 10 degrees. From top to bottom that makes a 90 deg twist.
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14' Flat Bottom Sketchup Model

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I work as a piping designer where I work at, we use autocad and various piping programs to draw with. I had never heard of sketchup before this post, so I decided to check it out. After looking at the 2 starting videos I am very impressed with this program, it is a really cool program to have for modeling. I think I'll download it on my home pc and learn it. Thanx for posting it.
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14' Flat Bottom Sketchup Model

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Just what I need, another obsession... :mrgreen:

I know the cadd/drafting instructor at our local jr college. He spoke highly of this software when it was first introduced.
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14' Flat Bottom Sketchup Model

Post by Bmac »

It is a pretty neat program for free. I designed on my toon build that way.


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14' Flat Bottom Sketchup Model

Post by bigwave »

I messed around with the program. I have used autocad before, with much difficulty. Is there anywhere other than the program itself to teach you how to use it? I would love to figure it out.
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14' Flat Bottom Sketchup Model

Post by Jdholmes »

Google sketch up tutorial and it will pop up all kinds of things.

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14' Flat Bottom Sketchup Model

Post by base_v5 »

Youtube has a lot of videos with tutorials and tips for using Sketchup.

Google has a pretty nice help/support section with videos also.
https://support.google.com/sketchup/bin ... swer=36207

I also bought the book Sketchup for Dummies.. cause that's what I am.

These are the only resources I used to learn it. Well, those pluse about 20-30 hours of spittin and cussin.