I gotta say... I love my Camera

This section is for any pictures and any questions or comments regarding photography. No fishing pictures here.
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I gotta say... I love my Camera

Post by Bigkat650 »

If you are in the market for a good digital camera, but looking for something in the 'point and shoot'--the Nikon L120 works great for me. The video it takes is less then spectacular, but it takes some great photo's. It has a real nice lens, is WONDERFUL in low-light, has a bunch of different pre-set moods, and the 24x optical zoom is fantastic. Great little camera for $250. I would certainly recommend it for a good point-and-shoot amateur camera.
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I gotta say... I love my Camera

Post by fender66 »

That's good advice. Thanks for sharing....but.....no photos to back your claim?

Just sayin' :roll:

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I gotta say... I love my Camera

Post by Gramps50 »

I like my Sony Cyber-Shot N50 w/10X optical zoom. Takes great stills, in fact all the pictures of the boat, motor etc I have uploaded were shot with it. Inside in low light it leave a little to be desired but once you learn how to use it, you'll do fine with it. The video it takes in unbelievable, I think it takes better video than my video camera. I don't remember but I think I paid around $250 for it. Great POS camera.
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I gotta say... I love my Camera

Post by bumpyroad »

I came close to buying a Fujifilm Finepix T190 for about $100 at walmart. about 12 megpix, 10x optical zoom, IIRC. be sure when you buy a camera you only pay attention to the Optical Zoom range, not digital. this camera is so slim it will fit in a shirt pocket. was so convinced that I wanted it I went to the trouble of printing out the owner's manual from the web.