1984 Suzuki DT25

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1984 Suzuki DT25

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Hi All,

First off, amazing site. I am just starting my build (16 foot Crestliner) but before I get to the Boat I am trying to get my motor in shape first. I bought a 25 hp Suzuki for 500 bucks and want to tune it up. I am not a motor expert and have zero experience working on them. I have looked at ton of posts and followed the advice found there before I bought the motor. COmpression was solid at 105 in each cylinder, motor has been maintained, reasonably clean, winterized, etc. The pee stream is a little sputtery so I know I should change the impellor. My issue is that determining the serial number on the motor. I have found the plate on top of the transom clamp and the only number I found there was DT25-20034. When I phoned the suzuki dealer I am told that this is not enough characters to be the serial number. There are no other numbers or letters on the plate with DT25-20034.

Is there somewhere else I should look? The one thing the dealer mentioned is I might have to go to the states for the parts ( I am in Canada). The guy I bought the motor from said it was an 84.

Can anyone offer some help who knows suzukis? Also, any other tips on what I should do to make sure it is ready for the water?


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1984 Suzuki DT25

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You can try an outboard parts website...such as boats.net or marine engine.com. I was looking on boats.net and there are only two model numbers listed for an 84 Suzuki...try looking at the diagrams there and see if they match what u got...also my Johnson has a model number on the right side of the block towards the back...maybe yours does too

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1984 Suzuki DT25

Post by DearJon »

X2 what Alan said about checking the block for the full serial number. There might be an aluminum boss on the engine block with a number impressed upon it. Good luck!

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1984 Suzuki DT25

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Here is the plate on my dt25 think its an 87 model . https://www.brownspoint.com/store/pc/suzuki/dt25.asp
hope the link helps too.

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1984 Suzuki DT25

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Yep, as in the pic. that will be the info you will need for parts. As a heads up those carbs are super sensitive on those motors. Where 1/4 turn on the adjustments on most makes usually won't make much difference it could and usually will make a big difference on them. Also synchronization of the carbs. is imperative with them.

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