Decking-When and when not to.

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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by jt25 »

Thanks for the info. I have been trying to figure out this decking situation for a few days. Being a big guy I decided against a deck to the top of my 1436. I am going to make one that is lower just to have an even space to stand on.
I appreciate all the info everyone shares....
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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by Alex_c »

Hopefully this adds something to the conversation...

I have a 14.5' aluminum semi-v with a 64" beam. I like to river fish and ocean fish so I need stability and safety when on the water. I put my deck quite low (much lower than most of the mods I have seen here) so if a wave or something comes up while I am standing, I don't get tossed right overboard. I would have like a bit more floor/storage space but I had a crappy 2x4 and plywood floor in the boat before that was removable and slightly lower (3-4) than it is now and the stability was decent. Anyway, if you run bigger or faster moving water I would keep the gunwale above knee height while standing at the lowest point. I have higher decks in the bow and stern for when I am anchored out but where I will stand while driving on the tiller, I am as low as possible.

pics of my framing:
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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by ILRiverRat »

Guaranteed - after reading all these responses - you have confirmed that my 1436 is NOT a good candidate for decking. I'll probably just put a 1/2" floor in it with foam under between the ribs. I'll likely also put some plywood screwed into the top of the rear and middle seats so help with adding seats. Not sure if I'll do bases and seat mounts or just bolt the swiviel right to the plywood for strength.

Definitely trying to keep the center of gravity low.

Great post - I enjoyed it all!

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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by jackinok »

To illistrate the stability difference between a flat bottomed and v type hulls, simply lay them side by side on the ground, take a board and lay on the ground at normal water level, then look at them from the rear as someone lifts one side. you will easily see that a flat bottomed jon very quickly loses bouyancy simply because it loses its displacement ( which is what makes all boats float) very fast, while a v type hull can like some canoes gain bouyancy. the wider hull on a boat simply makes it harder to turn over because theres more weight your trying to lift on the off side. BUT!! ANY jon or flat bottomed boat ,or any boat for that matter that has hard chines is more likely to turn completly over than a soft chined boat in all cases. A deep v type boat is more stable for most of us simply because it has more reserve bouancy. While a jon type boat has very good initial bouancy,it loses it very fast as it tips. Flat bottomed boats were designed primarily for shallow protected waters,and to carry a lot of secured weight that was not prone to shift and they excell at that. But if you fish or cruise large lakes where the wind and waves can change suddenly its best to use a utility type ,or deep v hull for your projects. A deep v hull can stand to be broached to by waves when a jon would simply tilt over and slip under the water. A good example of this is a sailboat running heelled over with its gunwales wet. It simply has the reserve bouyancy and the hull design. The main thing to remember though you dont HAVE to turn a boat over to be thrown out. I lost two guys years ago out of my old narrow ouichita bass boat in dead calm water simply because one leaned over the side to get a minnow out of a bucket and the other did a power set on a bass at the same time.The solution of course is to have several boats!!!!LOL my pond hopper /river boat is a beat up old narrow jon boat,while my lake or large water boats are all v-types. Hope this helps someone looking for a boat to mod. keep in mind also when looking at v-hulls theres utility type boats ,and a deep v type hulls. Most small v-hulls of the utility type ,will be wide beamed and flat or nearly flat bottomed to haul primarily weight,and will be a fairly slow hull even with its rated hp engine. (SOME called displacement hulls wont plane out no matter what size engine you put on them!). a deep v type hull will be the faster hull of the two and will be better if you run long distances or are lightly loaded. Personaly i prefer the utility types and give up some speed for more initial stability/capacity. Another thing to consider that becoming more and more common is for lake regulations to say how deep a boat must be. On one lake i fish a lot its 15" depth measured at the widest point in the boat. I guess lawyers dont fish much,,,

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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by Swampfox88 »

I decked my 1436 and am very glad I did , it took a little getting use to maybe 2 trips and now I can maneuver great on it I would prefer to be on the deck than on the floor . here are some pics
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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by catchaser »

I completly agree my 1636 delhi has just the front decked and I can run all over the boat myself but when its me and another person we tend to sit down

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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by peabody »

why ?
decking a boat .. whats wrong with leaving it as it is ?
i don't see the advantages.. maybe a little more room ... but ?
i don't know.
as big as i am . over six foot and pushing 280#.. i don't want to get on top of anything.

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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by Tallpine »

I am curious as to what boat length does to the equation. Say for instance, 12ft, 14ft, and 16ft foot boats all the same configuration other than length. Is the 14ft more stable than the 12 because of more hull area in the water?

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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by onthewater102 »

I think once you're 12' or longer it's the width that contributes to the stability. If I decked my v-hull 12' sea nymph it would have been set lower than I was able to do with the flat bottomed 1436. The 1436 is decked - though I kept the decking to the same height as the existing middle and rear seats and it's perfectly fine to stand on.
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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by looserivet »

I added a deck to my Starcraft 14SF, before adding the flat deck, which runs just below the bench seats and sits on both sides just inside the roll that forms the outer spray rail. Before adding the deck the boat was tippy, stepping to one side would roll the boat drastically, now with the deck in place, I can step to the very edge of the deck and it barely seems to affect the boat. Its easier to load and distribute weight now too since items stay put rather than migrating to the lowest point. I think some of it is in how weight is being distributed, and some is due to the added weight, which was about 70 lbs total.

For most of the boat, the deck is only 3 or 4 inches off the bottom but near the front, there's about 10" of space below the deck, which I use for storage now. All in all it made it feel like a much bigger boat.
The bench seats were put back in after the floor was fully installed. I coated all wood with gray epoxy resin with some non slip grit.
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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by g-man »

Great site, they got a forum for everything. LOL

Anyways I'm looking to buy a Jon or V in the 12 to 14ft range. My plan is to deck it obviously. I have no desire to put any gas motor on it, I want it for big ponds. (Gas Motors not welcome) I would prefer the Jon for more flat space but I'm concerned with the stability. In that size range what style should i go with, Jon or V? whats gonna be more stable, or is it solely based on bottom width??


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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by Abraham »

Super necro post but if you're pond jumping I would go with whatever boat is the easiest to carry.

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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by spanky543 »

Would 1/2" plywood work for decking horizontal surfaces and 1/4" plywood for vertical surfaces work? I am going to be doing framing out of aluminum or 1x3s & 1x2s Trying to keep the weight down.

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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by CedarRiverScooter »

That is exactly what I used. No problems with strength.

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Decking-When and when not to.

Post by 1bad97svt »

Hello, new here, and I just purchased a Tracker 1036. I've read through the whole thread but a lot of the pictures are removed due to age. Has anybody here decked their 1036? Can you share pictures please? I'm still searching and it's a big site so i'd appreciate any help. Thanks!

I'm mainly looking for pictures of the deck framing, materials used, how it was attached, etc, but any pics would help.